Why Air Sealing Should Come Before Insulation

If you live in Rochester, NY or a similar winter climate, can you imagine trying to heat your home in January while leaving all your doors and windows open? How about trying to cool your home by running your AC unit full blast in July, while leaving your front door and all your home’s windows open wide? Now you are starting to get some idea about why air sealing contractors are in such demand.

How much does it cost to air seal?

While there is a cost involved with sealing your home’s attic, basement, and around all your home’s “fenestrations” (a fenestration is an opening in your home’s “envelope,” such as a door or window) is actually a cost-saving move in the majority of upstate NY, Monroe county, and Rochester area residences. Why? Because sealing up those gaps helps retain your warmth in the summer and your cool air in the winter, as opposed to just letting it leak out into the surrounding atmosphere. The result is a more comfortable home, and lower utility bills year-round.

Does sealing up your home keep air pollution out?

It can, which is why we recommend it so strongly. Typically, however, a bigger problem is that you might go to a lot of trouble and expense to insulate your home, or even upgrade your heating and or cooling system, when you really should have focused on sealing up the gaps in your home’s envelope first.

We can provide the proper testing (including an all-important blower door test) BEFORE you go to all that expense, so you know for sure what you need to do to prepare to get all the benefits from a new system, or new insulation, saving you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

Additionally, who wants to pay for big HVAC and insulation upgrades, only to find out that you still have uncomfortable drafts blowing through the rooms of your house? You can avoid that with a simple call to the air sealing professionals at Wise Home Energy. Call now at 585-270-5836.

What can I use for air sealing?

There are many products available to help you seal the gaps in your home, and to provide effective home air sealing in general. However, we still recommend having a thorough Home Energy assessment performed by one of our technicians. They are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified, trained, and experienced to help you locate and identify all of your home’s air sealing needs, including leaks you might not be able to find on your own, such as in your basement, and around chimneys and ventilation pipes and vents.

And the best news of all? The Assessment is absolutely free!

What does air seal a house mean?

Hopeful by now, you have a good idea of what it means to effectively and completely air seal a dwelling. Wise Home Energy, servicing all of Rochester, NY, Monroe County, and all adjacent counties, is uniquely suited to provide professional, competent assessment and air sealing contractor’s services. For service you can trust call 585-270-5836 today.

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