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    Is that water stain on my ceiling from a roof leak?
    Is my daughter’s bedroom cold because of the old windows?
    Are the icicles on my roof caused by a lack of insulation?

    Don’t guess, TEST!

    Wise Home Energy takes the guesswork out of solving home health and comfort issues with our expert diagnostic services. By running a series of tests during a Wise Home Assessment, we can accurately determine the underlying causes of problems like cold drafts, ice dams, high energy bills, indoor air quality issues, and more.

    Many of these issues stem from your insulationHVAC system, or home performance—and our team can find a long-lasting, tailored solution using building science and a whole home approach. That way, you can live healthier and more comfortable in your Rochester or surrounding area home.

    High Energy Bills

    An increase in your heating and cooling costs without an increase in your rates or usage is always a cause for concern. High energy bills can come from a variety of sources. For example, poor insulation allows conditioned air to escape your home or prevents an aging HVAC system from running efficiently, costing you more to reach your desired comfort level. The Wise team can help you pinpoint the source of your high utility bills and help you find the best solution for your home.

    Ice Dams

    Ice dams form when heat escapes from your attic, causing the ice and snow on your roof to melt. As that water reaches the edge of your roof, it will refreeze and block your gutters from draining. Ice dams can be difficult to remove and cause damage to your attic, gutters, roof, and siding—but the Wise team can help with attic insulation and air sealing.

    Air sealing and insulation go hand in hand, and together they will prevent the melting and refreezing that causes ice dams in the first place. You’ll also notice lower energy bills and an altogether, more comfortable home.

    Poor Indoor Air Quality

    According to the EPA, indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and cause several health effects, like headaches, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and more. Mold and moisture are common sources for poor indoor air quality—however, it can also be caused by combustion equipment, pet dander, excessive dust, or even your cleaning supplies. During an air quality test with Wise, we’ll determine exactly what’s causing your unhealthy air quality and find a reliable solution so you can breathe easier.

    An Uncomfortable Home

    Your HVAC system is a crucial component to your home’s comfort, but it can also be the source for numerous headaches if it’s not operating properly. Whether your HVAC is aging or prone to the frequent need for repairs, the Wise Home Energy team can evaluate your heating and cooling systems to help you determine if it’s time to repair or replace it with a new, more efficient model.

    Pest Infestation 

    Mice, insects, and other pests can often go unnoticed in your home—but they can cause health issues, damage, and more. While traps and repellent can provide a short term solution, they won’t stop pests from coming back. But our team can by blocking their point of entry with upgraded insulation and air sealing.

    Drafty Windows & Doors

    It can be hard to get comfortable in your home with constant drafts coming from your windows and doors. These areas are known for being under insulated and can lead to significant energy loss and high energy bills. We take special care when insulating and air sealing the walls that surround windows and doors to find and close off any areas of leakage.

    Moisture Problems

    Moisture in your home can come from several sources, such as high humidity levels, water leaks, and poor ventilation. When moisture levels rise, so does mold growth—which can cause health risks for your family and structural damage to your home. Mold can also lead to an increase in allergy and asthma symptoms, like coughing and sneezing, or worse with prolonged exposure. If moisture intrusion is a problem in your home, our team can solve the issue at its origin so it won’t keep coming back.

    Inordinate Noise

    Did you know that insulation can help keep unwanted noise from ruining your relaxation time at home too? By adding a barrier between your living spaces and the outdoors, insulation and air sealing can keep your home comfortable and quiet.

    Home Electrification

    Switching to all-electric appliances in your home can help reduce your carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and more. Home performance upgrades and heat pump installation can drastically decrease your consumption of fossil fuels in your home.

    Improperly Sized HVAC Systems

    If your HVAC system is too small for your home’s heating and cooling needs, it will end up working overtime—leading to unnecessary wear and tear along with high energy costs. On the other hand, if your HVAC is too large, it will cycle on and off too frequently, creating extra wear and tear on your equipment and inconsistent temperatures throughout your home. At Wise Home Energy, we right-size all HVAC equipment before installation to ensure it can meet your needs without working harder than it needs to.

    Wise Home Energy: Your One-Stop-Shop for Home Performance Upgrades

    No matter what the problem is in your home, give our team a call. We’re committed to providing you with an effective and reliable solution based on building science—not assumptions. The Wise team can even help you find and qualify for several incentives to make your next home project more affordable, including federal tax credits that can save you thousands. When it comes to comfort and performance issues in your home, we’ll fix it right the first time!

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