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Living in Rochester, NY or the surrounding Finger Lakes region, you become quite familiar with winter weather and it’s accompanying discomforts. What you may not be aware of is that your home, including your energy bills, can suffer just as much as you do. The right insulation contractor can help seal your home, improve its comfort and air quality, and save you a ton of money on your home heating bills. Not all insulation contractors Rochester NY are alike.

Do you have areas especially near the top of your home (attic) and the bottom of your home (basement) that heat penetrates in the summertime, or where cold penetrates in the wintertime? The correct answer to these kinds of comfort issues often starts with a web search for “insulation contractors near me.” Wise Home Energy, Energy Star Contractor of the Year for four straight years, will perform a thorough home energy assessment, including a blower door test, to make sure we can address the real cause of home energy problems and cold-weather comfort issues.

We will look at your home’s fenestrations (the openings in a building’s envelope), the doors, windows, and walls, we’ll check for over-sized equipment (a common problem) and we’ll look for pressure differences. We’ll also look for cracks and crevices that air can be passing through without your awareness. All of these, and much more, go into our scientific analysis of your insulation and HVAC upgrade needs.

You are likely wondering, “How much does it cost to put insulation in a house?” and the correct answer is, “It depends?” There is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we perform tests to customize a solution for your specific needs. Our trained and experienced technicians are BPI certified (Building Performance Institute) in several areas of expertise, including Envelope Specialist and Multi-Family property. We focus on many areas of specific concern to homeowners, including allergy and asthma causes, outdoor noise elimination resulting in a quieter house, and helping you stay more comfortable across all four seasons of the year.

Things we look for are inadequate ductwork, air filtration problems, equipment output problems resulting from over-sized HVAC equipment, winter cold spots, heat penetrating in the summer, holes in the walls, improper or insufficient ventilation, and inadequate home air movement.

Attic insulation quantities are important, but so are all of the factors above. The solution isn’t always more insulation or a bigger HVAC unit. You need expert diagnoses to know for sure, and to help save you money on both upfront and ongoing costs. Air sealing goes hand in hand with the right equipment to make sure you have neither too much or too little heating capacity.

Spray foam insulation, including one part foam two parts spray foam, is widely offered. Not so widely available is the expertise and wisdom to correctly install it, and to know how to properly prepare the space to benefit fully from the upgrade. Call Wise Home Energy today at 585-270-5836 and let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Don’t be cold another winter, or hot another summer. Don’t keep sending your hard-earned money to the utility company. Call us today at 585-270-5836.

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