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insulation contractors fairport nyInsulation and ventilation are critical, but air sealing is one of the most often overlooked aspects of making your home as comfortable and as energy efficient as it can possible be, in all seasons. Providing insulation services in Fairport NY and throughout Monroe County and the adjacent counties, Wise Home Energy provides complete home energy assessments before recommending any specific air sealing, insulation, or ventilation changes to your home.

Ice DamsWhy? Simply stated, every home is different, and every building is unique. Yes, your home may need air sealing in the attic, in the basement, or around your windows, doors, or other fenestrations like a chimney or vent pipe. But exactly where and how to seal can only be determined after testing, particularly a blower door test.

In Fairport, NY Wise Installs:

  • Closed cell foam insulation
  • Cellulose insulation, loose fill and densepack
  • Retrofoam insulation for walls and concrete block

Attic ventilation is also often overlooked. Some local attics already have adequate ventilation, and no benefit will be gained by adding more. Again however, there is no way to know without testing, Don’t let any insulation contractor try to tell you what you need without doing the proper analysis of your home’s current efficiency and comfort. Knowing if there are drafts, and where they are coming from, or if your attic is inadequately ventilated, is crucial. Our trained and experienced insulation technicians are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified, so you can have peace of mind to know that our recommendations are the very best for your home and situation. Not all attics in Fairport, NY need ventilation. Furthermore, not all attics can be vented properly. When proposing an attic retrofit we identify the best possible solutions for each individual client. In Fairport, call Wise Home Energy at 585-270-5836.

Our Home Energy Assessments are always free.

Air sealing!
Air sealing!
Air sealing!

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