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    Wise Home Energy provides reliable and long-lasting insulation services throughout Monroe and Wayne County, along with the surrounding areas. With a building science background and over 2,700 insulation projects under our belts, we can find the right insulation solution for your home to solve a number of issues, like high energy bills and more. Whether you’re looking for attic insulation or a whole home project, our team is here for you!

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    ​​Wise Installs several types of insulation, including:

    • Closed-cell spray foam insulation
    • Cellulose insulation, loose-fill, and dense-pack
    • Retrofoam insulation for walls and concrete block

    The Importance of Insulation

    Your home is protected by what building scientists refer to as the thermal envelope, which is basically the collective barrier that keeps the outdoor climate outside, where it belongs. Insulation is a key component in a thermal envelope—along with your windows, doors, and anything else that shields your home from the outdoors—because it prevents unwanted heat transfer between your conditioned, inside air and the outside air.Ice Dams

    Without proper insulation, you home becomes vulnerable to several home comfort and health issues, like:

    • Ice dams
    • Moisture issues
    • Drafty rooms
    • High utility bills
    • And more!

    How Insulation Works

    Many people know that heat rises, but it can also flow from warmer to cooler areas, moving through materials like your home’s walls. Insulation upgrades are like putting a down jacket around your home that traps hot or cool air inside. This barrier not only helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home any time of the year, but it also lessens the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

    When heat is constantly escaping or infiltrating your home from the outdoors, your HVAC system will need to work overtime to compensate. This means your home will be subject to high energy costs and a heating and cooling system that is prone to repairs and early breakdowns. This is why the Wise Home Energy team always checks the quality of your home’s insulation prior to installing a new HVAC or heat pump. In fact, when you insulate before upgrading your heating and cooling systems, you may even be able to get a smaller unit without sacrificing any of your home comfort!

    Get Started With a Wise Home Assessment

    Many homes in the Greater Rochester area are older and under-insulated—however, newer homes can lack proper insulation, too! In order to find the best insulation solutions for your home, we always recommend starting with a Wise Home Assessment. With this in-depth look of your home’s insulation and performance, our team can pinpoint areas of unwanted heat transfer and determine exactly what type of insulation will provide maximum comfort and energy-saving benefits.

    Enhance the Performance of Insulation With Air Sealing

    According to ENERGY STAR, air leaks in your home can account for 25-40% of the energy used to heat and cool a home and if your home has significant air leakage, insulation upgrades alone won’t provide a complete solution. Weatherization is a term commonly used in the building science industry that refers to the combination of insulation and air sealing. While insulation prevents the transfer of heat, air sealing prevents unwanted air from entering or escaping your home. Air sealing also has a few benefits of its own, like improved indoor air quality.

    Wise Home Energy: Your Local Insulation Experts in the Greater Rochester Area

    We’ve been providing insulation services based on building science since 2010. When it comes to finding a reliable insulation contractor near Rochester, you can count on our team to deliver! Wise Home Energy is also a participating contractor in several incentive programs like the Inflation Reduction Act, giving you access to insulation rebates and federal tax credits up to $1,200 for insulation and air sealing upgrades!

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