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Air Sealing & Attic Ventilation

Your Home’s Envelope / Enclosure

Home Heat MapAir Sealing, the most underrated but often the most important aspect of creating a comfortable, efficient and healthy home. Moisture transfer and air leakage control is the goal of air sealing. Without stopping air flow in and out of a building, comfort, durability and air quality all are compromised. By conducting a blower door air tightness test coupled with zonal pressure diagnostics, we can assess the tightness of your home and locate major leakage pathways. If you remember one thing, never insulate without air sealing, never.

Ice DamsInsulation, step 2 in improving the thermal envelope of your home. Insulation reduces the flow of heat into or out of your home. There are many types of insulation, some better than others depending on the application. With this being said, its not the type of insulation installed, it’s the quality of the installation of the insulation, get it. Wise Home Energy installs, most types of insulation with specialties in closed cell spray foam, blown and dense packed cellulose insulation and Retrofoam injection foam for walls. What sets our insulation apart from other insulators is that we inspect and test the quality of our work to ensure desired results will be attained.

Wise Installs:

  • Closed cell foam insulation
  • Cellulose insulation, loose fill and densepack
  • Retrofoam insulation for walls and concrete block

Attic ventilation is the last topic that must come to the table when discussing an attic retrofit project. Ventilation has 2 purposes, to eliminate moisture build up that can occur in attic spaces (when air sealing has not been properly performed) and to help reduce heat build up in attics during the summer months. However, the jury is still out. Not all attics need ventilation. Furthermore, not all attics can be vented properly. When proposing an attic retrofit we identify the best possible solutions for each individual client.

Air sealing!
Air sealing!
Air sealing!

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