Wise Featured on Home Diagnosis

Episode 3: Rochester, NY – “To Flip or Flee?”

Wise Home Energy was the local expert featured on Home Diagnosis, Episode 3 on WXXI. Home Diagnosis is the first show of its kind that will illustrate how homes can be made safe, comfortable and durable. Wise Home Energy is an award winning Home Performance Contractor on the Regional and National Stage. One of six winners of the National Energy Star Contractor of the Year 2018 Award and numerous NYSERDA Regional Contractor of the Year Awards, Wise Home Energy is proud to advance the Home Performance Industry. Wise Founder, Jeff Flaherty noted,” we are excited to be part of advancing a science that improves people’s lives in the most important place they have, their home. Similar to wearing seatbelts to save lives, this show will illustrate how home diagnostics can determine how a home can make you ill or improve your life. Eating right, exercising and not smoking are all accepted choices to improve quality and length of life. Soon people will demand their homes are comfortable and the indoor air quality will positively impact their lives.”

The episode is archived on the Home Diagnosis website and available to watch by clicking the link below.

Home Energy Assessment Infographic

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