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The HVAC systems in your house are directly related to the overall comfort, efficiency, health and safety of your home. Choosing and installing the right system requires discussion, diagnostics, data and diligence. We are your experts when it comes to data driven HVAC diagnosis, service, design and installation. Our technicians are familiar with most HVAC equipment in circulation and are experts with high efficiency and next generation heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our building analysts are experts at testing, diagnosing and tuning your systems to work seamlessly and at optimum efficiency providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment year round.

Next Generation Heating and Cooling

Don’t replace your heating or cooling system without looking into cold climate Air Source Heat Pumps and the current cost saving grants available. 



These systems in your home are like the circulatory system in your body. Would you want an unqualified technician to practice heart surgery on you or would you want the best cardiovascular surgeon in your region. Wise Home Energy’s heating technicians have years of experience and countless hours of continuous education and with Amana’s leading industry warranties you can be confident in your purchase.

Four things to consider when choosing equipment:

  • Efficiency
  • Size
  • Distribution
  • Air purification

With every Wise Home Assessment you will receive an inspection with combustion and efficiency testing on your existing heating systems. You will then receive heating and cooling load calculations properly designed and sized for your homes needs. Purchasing a new heating or cooling appliance without sizing it for the house is like buying a pair of shoes without knowing how big your feet are. When you put the shoes on, they probably won’t feel comfortable and most likely will get worn out faster. We find most homes have shoes that are much to big for their feet.

Wise Home Energy Installs high efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, heat pumps, power vented water heaters, tankless water heaters, heat pump water heaters and combi boiler water heaters. We have the system that is best suited for each of our client’s unique needs.

HVAC WarrantyThe V in hVac is often overlooked, and even lesser understood but often equally or more important is the D in HVAC(D). (no this is not a joke. Dehumidification is making a resurgence. Google it!) As homes get tighter, more comfortable, and energy efficient, building scientists are placing a higher priority in fresh air circulation and whole home dehumidification. Houses don’t need to breath, but people do. In fact, there are standards for how much fresh air you should bring into a building, likewise there are standards for humidity levels in your home too. We test for these things, we run the calculations, and we develop recommendations that meet your homes needs. From spot ventilation to balanced HRV’s, point source moisture elimination to whole house ventilating dehumidifiers, Wise Home Energy is able to recommend the right solution for you. Furthermore, we can prove it. With our high tech air quality monitors we can quantify air quality issues and prove that our solutions actually made an improvement.

Make sure you receive a heat load calculation before installing a new heating system.

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