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    Wise Home Energy offers several financing options to help homeowners in the Greater Rochester area make essential upgrades to their homes. While home improvements like insulation and HVAC upgrades offer plenty of energy-saving benefits, they can often come with a financial burden—especially if they’re unexpected.

    Whether you’re upgrading to an energy-efficient heat pump or improving your home’s insulation, we will work with you to find the best financing solution for you. That way, you can enjoy the comfort and energy-savings of a high-performance home now.

    Wise Home Energy In-House Financing

    The Wise Home Energy team has partnered with Payzer to offer our customers convenient in-house financing. There are various options available for financing projects from $1000 for both short and long term loans:

    • Same as cash – No interest, with no monthly payments for up to 12 months
    • Interest rates as low as 6.99% for 10 year loans

    If you’re interested in learning more about the in-house financing options through Wise Home Energy, contact us or apply online.

    NYSERDA Reduced-Interest Loans

    New York Financing for Energy Efficiency Projects

    NYSERDA has partnered with Energy Finance Solutions (EFS) to provide reduced interest rate loans to homeowners throughout Monroe, Genesee, and surrounding counties. There are 3 different loan packages to choose from, all of which range from $1,500 to $25,000.

    • Smart Energy Loan –Available to finance eligible energy efficiency and mechanical improvements with payments made directly to NYSERDA’s loan officer.
    • On-Bill Recovery Loan –Available to finance eligible energy efficiency and mechanical improvements, with payments made through an installment charge on your utility bill.
    • Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bridge Loan –Available to finance eligible renewable energy systems and improvements, such as solar panel installation.

    As an authorized NYSERDA participating contractor, the Wise team can help you make long-lasting improvements to your home with financing assistance through the NYSERDA & EFS loan program. Homeowners interested in financing their home upgrade with this program can read through the fine print and apply on the reduced-interest loan website

    Service Finance Company 

    Service Finance Company offers financing for over 500 different home improvement projects, from HVAC upgrades to insulation. There is no paperwork, hidden credit card payment fees, or no prepayment penalties with Service Finance—just straightforward loans when you need them. Service Finance Company offers rates as low as 6.99% for up to 10 years. 

    Don’t Forget About Incentives!

    There are a number of local and federal incentives available to Greater Rochester residents for improving the energy efficiency of their homes. You are still eligible for these rebates and tax credits even if you take advantage of the financing options listed above! The Wise Home Energy team can help you determine exactly what incentives your upgrade is eligible for and save you thousands of dollars! 

    Let Wise Home Energy help you find the right financing option for your next home project.

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    Ask us about current NYSERDA & local energy efficiency and renewable energy grants & incentives