Electrify Your Home with Wise Home Energy

    Many homeowners in the Greater Rochester area are looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprint. Because of this, electrification and gas to electric conversions for home appliances have grown in popularity. 

    Residential electrification may seem like a complicated process, but our team of building science professionals at Wise Home Energy can help get you started. We offer comprehensive heat pump installation and insulation services from the attic down that can help make your home more comfortable and affordable to heat and cool, as well as more services to support home electrification.. As you’ll see, these home energy solutions are extremely valuable as a part of electrifying your home. 

    Home Electrification Benefits  

    When you convert your home’s appliances to run on electricity, you’re also providing a number of benefits in overall performance, health, and efficiency. These include:

    • Environmental Impact: Fossil fuel burning appliances, like furnaces, water heaters, and gas stoves, significantly increase your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to electric appliances can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. 
    • Energy Savings: Today’s electric appliances are much more efficient than their combustion counterparts, which can help lower your energy bills any time of the year.
    • A Healthier Home: By switching your home to run on electricity, you’re improving your indoor air quality by eliminating your risk of carbon monoxide leaks, which can pose a health risk to your family. 
    • Improved Comfort: Not only are all-electric appliances more efficient, but they’re also more effective. This means you’ll experience more consistent heating and cooling, reliable hot water, and more. 

    Heat Pumps: The All-Electric HVAC System 

    The ​​US Energy Information Administration reports that more than half of a home’s energy usage is spent on heating and cooling. This is what makes upgrading your home’s HVAC system such an important part of whole-home electrification. Heat pumps are an all-electric heating and cooling system that move heat instead of creating it through fossil fuel combustion.

    At Wise Home Energy, we install both ducted and ductless heat pumps, and our team can help you determine which option is best for your home. Ducted heat pumps connect directly to your home’s central ductwork to provide warm or cooled air throughout your living spaces. Ductless mini splits can provide all of the same benefits without the need for a duct connection. Instead, they have individual air handlers placed in zones throughout your home, offering zoned comfort.

    Improving Your Home’s Performance: A Crucial Part of Electrification 

    While the process of electrifying your home can greatly improve its efficiency and comfort, we recommend starting the process with an energy assessment. If your home is losing energy through gaps, cracks, or poor insulation, all of the effort you spend on electrification could be in vain.

    During our in-depth evaluation of your home’s performance, our team will look for areas of energy loss and may suggest making air sealing and insulation improvements. Not only will this help get your home ready to go all-electric, but it may even reduce your heating and cooling load. This can reduce the wear and tear on your heat pump system and even extend its lifespan.

    Incentives for Electrification

    The Wise Home Energy team stays up to date on the many incentives available here in the Greater Rochester area. These incentives, like the Inflation Reduction Act, and other tax credits and rebates, can help make upgrading your home to electric appliances more affordable. We also offer flexible financing options to reduce your out of pocket costs. 

    Since 2010, we’ve been helping families throughout our community make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient. It’s our goal to provide trustworthy home contracting services that will help you reach these goals and more.

    Get started with your home electrification project today.

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