Heat pumps have been gaining popularity due to their heating & cooling capabilities and all-electric operation. While heat pumps have been around for decades, they’ve only become a realistic option for homes in the Greater Rochester area in recent years after making several advancements in their technology.

At Wise Home Energy, we believe that heat pumps are the next generation of HVAC systems and a great choice for homes in the Finger Lakes region. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that heat pump technology has improved over the years and the benefits of utilizing them for year-round comfort.  

Cold-Climate Heat Pumps Work in All Weather Conditions

Older heat pumps haven’t always been an efficient option for home heating in colder climates, which meant that homeowners would need to supplement with a traditional furnace during the frigid winters. However, cold-climate heat pumps are equipped with improved defrost controls and compressor technologies that allow them to offer reliable, efficient heating in subfreezing temperatures and eliminate the need for supplemental heating. 

At Wise Home Energy, we install industry leading brands of cold-climate heat pumps, like Daikin and Fujitsu, and our team of HVAC experts can help find the best choice for your home’s specific needs. 

Increased Efficiency Means Lower Heating & Cooling Costs

Today’s heat pumps provide significant energy savings when compared to their predecessors and traditional forms of heating and cooling. In fact, the Department of Energy reports that an air-source heat pump can save up to 65% on electricity costs for heating when converting from a delivered fuel furnace or baseboard system. 

The team at Wise Home Energy is made up of building science professionals, and we understand the importance of proper sizing for any HVAC system. When you work with us to install a heat pump in your home, we’ll ensure it’s properly sized using industry best practices to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Ductless Heat Pumps Allow for Effective Home Zoning

Ductless mini split heat pumps utilize individual air handlers, typically referred to as “heads,” placed in specific areas of your home. Each air handler can operate at a customized temperature, allowing you to condition the air in the rooms you’re using without wasting energy on the ones you’re not. They also don’t require a central duct system to provide heating & cooling, making them a great choice for supplemental comfort in hard to condition rooms or whole-home applications. 

Variable Speed Motors Allow For Enhanced Home Comfort

Most HVAC systems and older heat pumps only operate on one airflow setting: high. This means that your HVAC is giving all or nothing when in many cases high speed isn’t necessary. However, newer heat pump models can automatically detect and adjust to run on multiple fan speeds to both save energy and increase comfort. Variable speed motors offer more humidity control and even airflow distribution which results in a home that maintains more consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Wise Home Energy: Your Local Heat Pump Experts

Heat pumps come in a wide variety of sizes and can work with virtually any home in the Greater Rochester area. Plus, one of the greatest parts about installing one with the Wise Home Energy team is that we’re home performance professionals and can help optimize your new heat pump’s efficiency with insulation and air sealing improvements. Our team also stays up-to-date on what rebates and incentives are available throughout our service area to make your heating & cooling upgrade more affordable!

Get started with a heat pump estimate from Wise Home Energy today. Call 585-270-5836 or contact us online for more information.