Air Sealing Services in Rochester NY

Is air leakage a problem in your home? Wondering how to air seal your house, or if air sealing Rochester NY the attic is worth it? At Wise Home Energy, we provide expert air sealing services to Rochester NY and the surrounding region, creating a more comfortable home for you and your family, saving you money on your energy bills, and helping to eliminate cold spots, hot spots, ice dams, and other problems.

Our trained and BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified technicians use a wide variety of techniques and products, and a combination of spray foam and sealants for your windows, doors, attic, and basement. The results we achieve for our clients are often dramatic. Air sealing reduces drafts and heating and cooling losses by closing off air leaks in your home’s envelope.

But how much does it cost to air seal my home, you are likely asking. The answer is, there is no one size fits all solution, but depending on how leaky your home is, the cost savings, improved comfort, and reduced maintenance costs are often well worth the investment. Ask yourself, am I comfortable year-round in my own home? Might the cause be air leakage in the attic, around the windows and doors, or in the basement? Is air sealing right for me?

The professionals at Wise Home Energy can help answer all of these questions with a few tests, including one of the most important, the blower door test. We will assess your home’s comfort and efficiency, and help ensure you’re not sending money to your utility company every month that would be much better left in your own pocket.

Another common spot for air leaks, but often overlooked, is around your chimney and vent pipes. Any break in your home’s envelope is a possible candidate for requiring air sealing. These breaks, gaps, and openings are known as fenestrations, and include all of the windows and doors in your house as well. We check everything.

We are proud to supply these and all of our home insulation, air sealing, ventilation, and HVAC solutions to clients in Rochester, New York, throughout Monroe County, and all adjacent counties and communities. Call us today at 585-270-5836 and put our expert air sealing professionals to work for you.

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