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Air Quality Testing

We are spending more time in our homes now than ever before.
Test your air for: carbon dioxide (CO₂), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (tVOC’s), particulates (PM), humidity & temperature.
Now offering 72-hour, no contact, Indoor Air Quality testing.

$219 for Monroe County Residents (call for surrounding county pricing)

How It Works:

  • Contact us to schedule a drop off date and time.
  • Fill out our Pre-Indoor Air Quality Test Survey
  • On the drop off date, a technician will bring an AirAdvice 5200 Air Quality Monitor to your front door.
  • They will then call you from their vehicle to inform you of the drop off.
  • All you have to do is take the monitor inside and plug it in!
  • The monitor will automatically start collecting and dispatching data to our server in real time.
  • Our Analysts will compile the test results and upon test completion, E-mail you a report.
  • A technician will come to pick up the monitor.
  • Our analysts will be available to review the results and offer solutions or additional testing options.

Air Quality Testing

  • Do you buy organic?
  • Do you try to avoid chemicals?
  • Do you wash your hands before eating?
  • Do you know the quality of the air you are breathing?


    According to the EPA, we spend up to 80% of our lives indoors breathing air that is often 2-5 times worse than it is outside. Even medical professionals and health insurance companies are starting to recommend Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) evaluations to help relieve chronic illnesses.

Home Advice NetworkWise Home Energy uses an Air Advice M5200 air quality monitor to test for a variety of common indoor air conditions. With this information we can recommend solutions to create a healthy indoor environment for you and your family. Pollutants we test for include: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), particulates, humidity and temperature. We can obtain “snapshot” test results in as little as 30 minutes and often provide this service as an “add on” to a Home Performance Assessment. We also offer 5-7 day IAQ “trend” monitoring which tracks IAQ levels over time for detailed analysis. Upon completion of an IAQ test, our analysts will compile and provide you the results. 

Standard Air Advice Test Pricing: Home Air Pollutants
– 30 minute “snapshot”  –  $149
– 72 hour “no contact”     –  $219*
– 5-7 day “weekly trend” –  $299


*Monroe county pricing
**Ask for a 30 minute “snapshot” air quality test with your Wise Home Assessment for a discounted cost.

Below are some excepts from an AirAdvice report and trend test.



Air Filtration  │ Humidity Control  │ Fresh Air Ventilation

As a Home Performance Contractor, Wise Home Energy follows Building Performance Institute practices and approaches every project with a house as a system mindset. Remember, houses are made up many interrelated and interactive systems, altering one system will ultimately effect the others. Creating a healthy indoor environment can be accomplished by controlling filtration, humidity and ventilation. Thru diagnostic testing and data analysis we can help you take control of the air in your home effectively and efficiently.

Air filtration is one part of ultimate IAQ control. Air filters, commonly found in forced air systems including furnaces and heat pumps come in all shapes, sizes and effectiveness. These filters help remove particulates including dust from the air. One measure of a filters effectiveness is its MERV rating; the high the rating the smaller the particle the filter will remove from the air. Our general practice is to recommend 4″ high surface area MERV 13 or better filters which remove 90% of particulate matter down to 3 microns in size. We don’t advise installing a better filter yourself, better filters restrict air flow which can reduce fan efficiency and life expectancy. Charcoal filters, Photo Catalytic Oxidizers, room air purifiers and balanced ventilation and filtration systems are other options for indoor particulate capture.

Home Humidity Chart

Humidity control, especially in Upstate New York, is critical for air quality. Exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and properly sized air conditioners and heat pumps are all devices that can be used to control humidity levels. Sources of humidity in homes include breathing, bathing, cooking, combustion aquariums, basements and bulk moisture. The optimum zone for indoor relative humidity is between 40% and 60%. We recommend maintaining closer to 40%RH during in fall and winter. Drafty, inefficient houses in our area are often dry during the winter in our climate. Tight, efficient houses can have high humidity issues in the winter if proper humidity control systems are not in place. We find that homes in our area often need de-humidification solutions but every home will need different controls during different parts of the year. Test and diagnose first, design and install after.  


Fresh Air Control is the 3rd facet to maintaining healthy indoor air. Having the ability to exhaust humid air from bathrooms and polluted air from kitchens is always recommended. Being able to turn exchange all the air in a home at a specified rate is ideal. Chemical off-gassing, VOC pollution and radon build up occur to an extent in all of our homes. These health hazards can often be managed with proper fresh air ventilation. Fresh air ventilation also helps remove those tiny particulates (PM2.5) that are too small for typical residential air filters. These particulates are created mainly from combustion and cooking and are so small that they bypass our bodies natural defenses and can accumulate in our lungs. PM2.5 is associated with respiratory illnesses, asthma, cancer and premature death. Exhaust, intake or balanced ventilation strategies like bath fans, pressure balanced scuttles and heat recovery ventilators are all fresh air control solutions we can provide to you.


Send us an email. We are happy to discuss your concerns about your home.


Humidity levels should be kept between 30% and 55% during the heating seasons.

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