Windows & Doors

There are many different classes of windows, from Value to Quality to Premium. We can install Premium Windows if desired, but only after you have all the facts.

Here is the truth about windows:

We want so much from our windows:

  1. keep wind and rain out
  2. let sunlight in during winter
  3. block sunlight during summer
  4. let fresh air in
  5. keep burglars and bugs out
  6. increase the value of our home
  7. be energy efficient

Windows are rated by:

  1. U-Factor
  2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  3. Visible Transmittance

When choosing to have windows installed, choose for the right reasons. Energy efficiency is a good reason, but the cost doesn’t usually justify replacing them. Choose from all the reasons above, and analyze the window ratings before deciding to have new windows installed.