Prepare for the Summer with a New HVAC System

Install a New HVAC System Before Summer 
Now that the temperature is warming up, it is time to start preparing for the summer season. For some, this means packing up your winter wardrobe and pulling out your lightweight t-shirts and shorts. Not even your summer clothes can stave off the heat. 
Rather than try to battle it out by using your old HVAC system -and lose- consider installing a new system. 

How Blower Door Assisted Air Sealing Helps Find Leaks

Using a blower door--a device that sucks the air out of your house to simulate an especially windy day--is the best way to identify where your house leaks. For many of us, a thousand little pin pricks may add up to a hole in your house the size of a window left open 24 hours a day, 365 says per year. 

By using a blower door in coordination with air sealing, we can identify the biggest leaks and get them sealed. 

This video from Green Building Advisor shows how it's done. 

Wise Home Energy Brings The "Proof Is Possible Tour" to Rochester

Windows that will save you 30% of your heating bills; Insulated vinyl siding to keep your family comfortable; ductless heating systems that promise a 5 year pay back. These are some of the claims made in our industry. Do you believe them?

This is what the Proof is Possible Tour is all about! Are these claims substantiated? Fortunately, testing these claims are possible so you need to start asking for proof.

Wise has partnered with Building Performance guru Corbett Lunsford for his nation wide Tiny House Tour where home-owners, contractors and manufacturers will have the opportunity to learn about Comprehensive Home Performance Testing.  

Free workshops will be offered and a new TV series will be filmed right here in Rochester!


Reduce on Energy Consumption with New Window Treatments

  The Window Treatment

There are many ways that you can reduce the energy consumptions in your home. There are a few we have discussed in the past and one we will present today.

Installing new window treatments in your home is not only a great way to update the look of your home but to reduce energy usage. Many homeowners do not realize that their energy costs rise because old windows allow air to escape or enter their home. Their HVAC systems work double-time and it is noticeable once the bill comes around.

For more tips, keep checking back to our blog. For help with an energy audit, contact us today. 

Wise Home Energy Joins Facebook


We recently created a Facebook page for our company. Click the link above and like our page to keep in touch with us. At our page you can find information about signing up for a Home Performance Assessment, learn about subsidy and financing options available, see current projects and successes, find new home comfort and energy efficiency products, and much more.

NYSERDA's Programs for Residents and Homeowners

Take Control of Your Energy Costs!


Many homeowners are not aware that New York State offers subsidies and low interest loans to residents and homeowners for energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades. These offers make improving your homes energy usage affordable for everyone. Visit NYSERDA's residential page to learn about the options available to you, then give us a call for a free Home Performance Assessment to see where you can save money, improve comfort, lower your carbon footprint and create a safe indoor environment.

Air Sealing Where it Counts

The graph below shows which structural air-leaks drive up energy costs the most, allowing you to maximize efforts toward reinforcing your home's building envelope. 

This image comes from http://www.builderonline.com/energy-efficientconstruction/5-penetrations-that-provide-the-most-bang-for-your-air-sealing-buck.aspx 

Upgrade Your Refrigerator, Save Money Twice.

One of the biggest energy guzzlers in your home (besides, most likely, your thermal envelope, which lets expensive conditioned air escape through air leaks and poorly insulated walls) is the refrigerator. Upgrading it, believe it or not, can save you a bundle of money in the long run, as long as you don't simply put your old fridge down in the basement and plug it back in. Now, before you balk at the high upfront cost of replacing your fridge, let us explain why we (admittedly, energy-efficiency/penny-pinching geeks) think it's a good idea:

Energy Efficient Landscaping for Cooling Down.

On cold winter days, a ray of sun streaming into your house can be most welcome - a free source of heat. But what about in the summer, when those rays of sun and other, less-evident solar heat, seep into our already too-hot houses and become a costly nuisance? Well, what happens is that you lose money. But using landscaping (namely by planting trees) to shade your home can be a great way to lower energy costs.

Everything You Need to Know About the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010.

Pending in the Senate is a bill called the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010, or simply Home Star for short. Sometimes referred to as Cash for Caulkers in street slang, the bill would provide a series of financial incentives for homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes through substantive, effective improvements to their homes that save homeowners money, reduce our country’s carbon emissions, help to mitigate climate change, and put tens of thousands of Americans back to work.