Multi-Family Energy Audit

Wise Home Energy performs Multi Family audits for Apartment Builing Owners. Financial incentives to make energy efficient improvements have never been more numerous.

Wise Home Energy offers blower door testing on all audits where it is possible. Blower door testing is essential for diagnosing and remediating air leaks in the structure. Many financial funding sources do not require blower door testing, but we know it is that “essential” of a tool.

Call today to find out what financial incentives are available. There are currently programs that offer free lighting and rebates for appliances ranging from $300 to $600.

A Multi Family audit consists of the following:

  1. Complete energy and water data analysis for the last 12 months minimum, 15 months recommended
  2. Blueprints and/or as-built drawings will be reviewed prior to a site visit
  3. Interviews with owners, maintenance personal and tenants to determine goals, needs and concerns
  4. A site visit for determination of existing lighting, air leakage, appliance usage, ventilation, mechanical safety and efficiency, insulation as well as other areas of concern specific to the property
  5. A Comprehensive Energy Reduction Plan is then compiled using this data and an approved energy modeling software.
  6. Call today for a no cost consultation to see what makes the most sense for you property.