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Why Choose Wise Home Energy for your Heating and Cooling Needs?

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  • We perform a sizing calculation for every install. Oversized equipment will fail prematurely and cause comfort issues. Size matters
  • Wise Offers our exclusive 10 point installation verification (presented with our proposal)
  • Wise Offers our exclusive HVAC guarantee (presented with our proposal)




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A Heating system is our best friend in winter, and there are many other factors to think about when examining a new furnace, cooling, or A/C system before choosing your new equipment or contractor.

Wise Home Energy is an Amana Dealer. Amana offers the best warranty in the industry.



Amana Heating Air ConditioningAmana offers:

Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty (good for as long as you own your home) and 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.

Insulation and airsealing should be completed prior to installation of heating or cooling equipment to reduce the size of the system. That's right, heating and air conditioning systems have sizes and they are measured in BTU's. A heating system should always be sized to the structure, based on not only the square footage, but on a heat loss calculation. Tighten the structure up on thermal performance first.

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When local not for profits or private homeowners need quality HVAC contractors, they are glad they “Made the Wise Choice”.  Our reviews back that up.

We also offer NYSERDA & Utility rebates and low interest financing on heating and air conditioning equipment installation.

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