BPI Accredited Company


What is BPI?

BPI is a national standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency retrofit work – providing training through a network of training affiliate organizations, individual certifications, company accreditations and quality assurance programs. As an independent, not-for-profit organization, we bring together leading building science experts from across North America to develop our standards using a consensus-based methodology.

Source: www.bpi.org

Wise Home Energy is a BPI Accredited Company and holds BPI certifications in Analyst, Envelope Professional, Heating and Multi-Family.

Why choose a BPI Accredited Company. Two reasons:

  1. We adhere to the BPI principles and standards that are required to be an Accredited Company.
  2. BPI performs independent 3rd party Quality Assurance visits to Accredited Company’s completed projects to assure that these principles and standards are being met and exceeded They will also conduct a Quality Assurance visit for customer complaints. Imagine that? Can you think of any other industry where you purchase a service and then can have a third party verify you received what you paid for at no cost to you?

"That's why we established nationwide quality assurance protocols and procedures for home performance contracting companies. As an independent, third-party organization, BPI has developed rigorous requirements that all of its accredited contracting companies must comply with in order to retain their status. We take it seriously. Unresolved non-compliance can result in delisting.

Our quality assurance program ensures that desired energy efficiency performance levels are achieved on each project and that the work performed protects and enhances the comfort, health and safety of the occupants."

Source: www.bpi.org